Midi Fighter - #DJTechTools

DJ Tech Tools make a lot of excellent products and we just wanted to highlight two that pack away into the Basal Blank 300 really nicely.

Midi Fighter Twister
Midi Fighter Twister Official

Midi Fighter 3D

Midi Fighter 3D Official

Both midi fighter's are solid compact controllers with customisable colour LED light displays making it useful for organising your layout. They are incredibly versatile with excellent build quality.

Each unit fits comfortably inside the Basal Blank 300 together with its USB power, offering even more mobility to the tools you want with you from the smallest gigs right through to the biggest. 

The Blank 300 is available for US$28 and ships worldwide
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Keep your Midi Fighter safe when you're travelling between venues and enjoy the peace of mind that it is being well looked after. 

Basal Blank 300 Midi Fighter 4Basal Blank 300 Midi Fighter 3Basal Blank 300 Midi Fighter 2Basal Blank 300 Midi Fighter 1