The Perfect Coffee Gear Carry-All





Basal is a coffee equipment shop that provides high-quality coffee storage and equipment to make your coffee brewing experience simpler and better. Our Coffee Traveller and Travel Bag are just some products we love, and all is made from waxed canvas and ballistic nylon for a lightweight and durable design, making it the perfect choice for on-the-go coffee brewing.

Common mistakes include uneven pouring, incorrect water temperature, improper grind size, and inconsistent brewing time. Ensure even pouring, use the correct water temperature, grind size, and maintain a consistent brewing time for a better pour over coffee experience.

Water should ideally be between 195°F to 205°F or 90°C to 96°C for pour over coffee. This temperature range ensures proper extraction of flavours from the coffee grounds without scalding or under-extracting, leading to a well-balanced cup. Experiment with varying the temperature to see what brings the best out of your coffee and your equipment.

All of these manual brewing methods are excellent and each have their own merit. We recommend starting with an AeroPress because it's simple to learn, affordable, yet allows you to experiment and find a coffee taste you really love through altering variables like bloom time, water temp, ratio of coffee grounds to water...the list is wonderfully endless :)

The ideal grind size for pour over coffee is medium-fine, resembling coarse sand. This allows for optimal extraction without over-extracting or under-extracting the coffee, resulting in a balanced flavour profile.


I all of a sudden got a job offer in England. I am literally in the car on my way to the airport. Wherever I go, I need to record stuff for other projects. Sometimes music, sometimes voice overs.

Therefore, I packed a UA interface for my laptop, and also an apogee mic. Each of those is in their own Basal case, and they are in my carry-on bag right now. 

1) sturdy and protective for delicate equipment 
2) light and compact for my carry-on bag

I am deeply happy 

Thank you

Fred Armisen [SNL, Portlandia, Anchorman...]

Thanks for the awesome cases!
Basal is in the business of making durable and practical cases for your everyday music needs. 

Matt Greiner [August Burns Red]

I really like the Basal Cases. It serves a function that I don't get from any other manufacturer. It's nice to have options for the electronic/accessory side of my rig. I can see myself using all the Basal products for the foreseeable future. They're fantastic. What else could you ask for? The products solve the problem of safely transporting my equipment in cases that are so well thought out.
Thank you Basal for being awesome.

Adam Bond