Drip Brew Coffee

 There are so many different kinds of ways to brew drip coffee and that variety is half the fun!

Lately I’ve developed a new obsession with the Kalita Wave 185 and it’s found itself on a camping trip and work commutes alongside my AeroPress with both of them getting a chance to do their thing at some point every day.

The Filter Coffee Traveller is built with the juggernauts of the hand brew equipment in mind. Whether you’re using the the Hario v60 (yep, the 02 or the 01), the Kalita Wave (yep, the 185 or the 155), the trusty AeroPress or so many other great coffee brewers; you’ll appreciate having a convenient way to organise and protect the entire family of equipment in one great carry case.

Filter Coffee Traveller with AeroPress, v60 & Porlex Hand Grinder

The Filter Coffee Traveller is made from truly high quality materials;
on the outside is thick, waxed canvas that only looks better with time.
Inside is completely lined with ballistic nylon - this is a super strong material that isn’t going to easily get damaged. It also does a good job of repelling liquids which means if there’s a spill you’ll be able to tend to it without it being absorbed right up.
Within the walls of the Filter Coffee Traveller is padding which gives much need protection and cushioning for each item stored inside.

Next time you’re commuting to work, off to visit the in-laws, on tour with your band, camping with your mates or shuffling through your backpack for the handle to your hand grinder…think of Basal and how your daily coffee experience could be dramatically improved with your own Filter Coffee Traveller.

Filter Coffee Traveller with Hario v60