For a long time I've considered what alternate colour I could make the Filter Coffee Traveller in. I settled on green a while ago but then began the mission of finding the exact green I imaged. Once I did find the right colour it was a no-brainer to start a small production run and see what you guys think. 

This new version of the Filter Coffee Traveller is an army green and is double waxed which gives it beautiful markings according to how it's used. The waxed canvas external material makes for a durable coffee case able to withstand heavy use. Inside the walls of the Coffee Traveller is a rigid spine which is padded on both sides. This spine protects the contents without adding much weight and it gives the case structure regardless of what you've placed inside and how the pieces are arranged. 

Basal Filter Coffee Traveller in Green   Basal Filter Coffee Traveller in Green   Basal Filter Coffee Traveller in Green

Don't forget the two pockets inside, designed for specific use:

•Inside the lid is a large pocket designed to hold a stack of flat pack pour-over filters
•On the side of the North/South divider is a pocket designed for you to slide in your grinder handle and your AeroPress stirrer. This keeps these pieces from roaming throughout the case willy-nilly. 

Get yourself the Filter Coffee Traveller in Black or in Green and select an option from the drop down menu to add other pieces to complete your coffee setup.

Shipping in the US and Australia is 2-5 days and shipping is free for orders over US$80