Basal Drum Cases Packed Inside Hard Case

Simon is demonstrating packing up his drumming equipment into his pelican case with the use of a variety of the Basal hard cases and soft cases. 


The products used include the

  • Drum Basics for the essential drumming equipment including IEM’s, drum keys, adaptors, mutes, snare weight e.t.c.
  • Blank 300 for miscellaneous equipment
  • Cable Bag for the instrument leads he uses for his drum machine
  • A prototype SPD Voyager designed to protect the Roland SPDsx Drum Machine
  • Dual Pouch for a on/off pedal and a power supply
  • Mount Pouch for the drum machine mounting bracket
  • Drumstick Bag for his range of drum sticks, brushes and mallets
  • Metronome - Boss for his Boss DB-90 metronome

Take a look at the catalog of products to help the way you organise and carry your own musical equipment HERE