A Better Way To Carry Your Audio Interface

Packing up your rig and carrying it elsewhere only to repeat it all again the next day...this is oh too familiar for so many of us. We need reliable gear to make this travel convenient and to reduce wear and tear on our valuable gear.

Blank 300 and the Cable Bag were designed and built for this exact purpose. Pack your audio interface into the Blank 300 together with its power supply and prevent damage when you’re on the move. Roll all your leads and cables into the Cable Bag for simple and safe storage.

Blank 300 US$28 

Semi-hard travel case. Lightweight and durable with the robust custom Basal zipper and soft lining.
Basal Blank 300 DimensionsBasal Blank 300 Audio Interface Apollo Twin

Cable Bag US$26

Padded cell for protection and rigidity. Clean and minimal outer waxed canvas with durable ballistic nylon lining. Enjoy the smooth and strong custom Basal zipper and carry handle.
Basal Cable Bag DimenionsBasal Cable Bag Audio Interface Blog
Work smarter by bringing professional organisation to your setup and stop stressing about the protection of your important equipment.
The Blank 300 fits the following popular audio interfaces: 
(list not exhaustive, refer to specifications) 
  • Universal Audio Apollo Twi>
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • Edirol FA-66
  • Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
Basal ships worldwide.
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